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Watches as a loyal assistant. Multifunction wristwatches

The most basic complication can be considered the calendar function; these include functions of the date, month, year and day of week, or may be a perpetual calendar which takes into account the varying number of days in a month and leap years. They are most often found in male wrist watches or in the unisex models, but it happens that women's watches are equipped by them also. Calendar function will be especially in demand in the day-to-day models, which we wear at office, for instance.

One of the most useful additional functions of the watches is illumination. Today it is being implemented in several ways, depending on the wristwatches. In quartz models are usually implemented electroluminescent, light-emitting diode or based semiconductor technology illumination. A light turns on by the touch of a button and lasts a fixed amount of time. Please note that sometimes the backlight turns on only when you hold down the button, it's not always comfortable, so it's better not to opt for such models.

The illumination can take place in the mechanical watches as well. In this case it will be a luminescent illumination. The arrows and numbers on the watch dial are covered by a special photo-luminescent composition which forces them to shine with a cold light in the darkness. Such illumination weakens with time, and if the watches are covered by clothes sleeve, the composition does not receive enough light to recharge and the illumination will work very poorly. Nevertheless, it is a popular form of the backlight that is implemented in many models. More functional backlight is based on the radio-luminescent composition. Paint is made with the use of radioactive substances. At the same time such backlight is completely safe for humans, because it is completely absorbed by the watchcase and glass. Of course, it’s better to buy such watches from leading Swiss manufacturers that indicate security markings by 'T-Swiss-T'.

Another useful feature of watches is an alarm clock. This feature is quite difficult to implement in a mechanical watch, and it can be usually met in expensive models, but it is very popular in the quartz.
Today an extremely popular feature is a power reserve indicator, and it is not surprising. In quartz models, it will tell you when the battery needs replacement. But it is really needed in the mechanical watches, because it indicates how much longer the watch will operate before it needs to be wound again. Typically, the power reserve indicator is implemented with the help of a single marked-up scale with its arrow, which shows the charge level. You may find such examples in our Bell & Ross replica watch collection.<br><br>
In the sport models particularly appreciated the chronograph feature. Chronograph is a watch, which has the timing element that can be stopped and started without interfering with the ability to tell the time. There are many different types. Some have a centre seconds hand which keeps time on the watch's main dial. Some use smaller subsidiary dials or a digital display to show elapsed time. A chronograph used in conjunction with specialized scales on the watch face can determine speed and distance. Some can time more than one event at one time. An example of such watches can be Longines Chronograph replica watches, some of the models from the collection of Tissot and others

For people who travel a lot a feature of a second time zone indicator will be not excessive. It is implemented with a second dial and is controlled by separate button, does not influence on the testimony of the main dial. This allows the wearer to know the time in two zones simultaneously.

Another popular feature is the tourbillon. A tourbillon is found in mechanical watches and is a device that eliminates timekeeping errors caused by the small differences in the rates a watch runs in the vertical and horizontal positions. Earlier it was popular in the pocket watches, and now this function is used in mechanical watches, but it has become rather an item than the necessity. Today tourbillon is considered to be hallmark of such famous brands as Breguet and Blancpain, however, the watch with a tourbillon function can also be found among the replica watches.

There are other features such as built-in compass, thermometer, and moonphase. Compass can be found in sports models, but the thermometer, for example, is a very rare phenomenon in the watch industry. Unlike the previous two functions, moonphase is very popular. However, it doesn't have a practical sense almost for anyone and, rather, is intended to add a bit of mystery to the owner of this watch.

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